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Table 3 Gene Ontology annotation for homoeolog-biased genes in the Arabidopsis suecica genome, overrepresented unless stated

From: Homoeolog-specific retention and use in allotetraploid Arabidopsis suecica depends on parent of origin and network partners

Classification Biological process P-value
At-like Sulfur amino acid metabolic process 0.00078
  Response to fungus 0.0054
  Heat acclimation 0.0054
  Aspartate family amino acid metabolic process 0.012
  mRNA metabolic process 0.012
  Riboflavin biosynthetic process 0.013
  Membrane lipid metabolic process 0.013
  Cellular sodium ion homeostasis 0.013
  Cellular calcium ion homeostasis 0.021
  Aspartate family amino acid metabolic process 0.024
  Purine ribonucleoside monophosphate metabolic process 0.035
  Cellular potassium ion homeostasis 0.036
Aa-like Protein amino acid glycosylation 0.021
  Defense response, underrepresented 0.029
  DNA repair 0.024
  Response to DNA damage stimulus 0.024
  RNA metabolic process 0.028
  Cell communication, underrepresented 0.031
  Signal transduction, underrepresented 0.033
  Hormone transport 0.044
  Microtubule cytoskeleton organization 0.044