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Figure 2

From: Large scale comparison of global gene expression patterns in human and mouse

Figure 2

PCA plots of a combined human and mouse gene expression data matrix (principal components 1 and 3). Each dot represents a sample, which is labeled by (a) species and (b) tissue type. Cell line samples from both species form a big central cluster, together with a relative small number of samples from immune system, reproductive system, bone, endocrine organs and other tissue sources from both species. Away from this central cluster, three major sample clusters are indicated: muscle/heart samples (red), nervous system samples (blue) and liver samples (purple). For these three clusters, human and mouse samples exhibit subclustering in proximity to each other. In the nervous system cluster, a few mouse head and neck samples (yellow) are mixed in - these are retina samples that have been generalized into the head and neck category. In the muscle/heart cluster, a few human bone samples (black) and a few head and neck samples (yellow) are mixed in.

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