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Table 1 Quantitative analysis of male fibroblast RNA-FISH data

From: Activity map of the tammar X chromosome shows that marsupial X inactivation is incomplete and escape is stochastic

Genes on BACs or fosmids Percent male nuclei with one signal
G6PD , IKBKG 95%
RPL10X 98%
MECP2X , IRAK1 , TMEM187 99%
HCFC1X 99%
AR 94%
PSMD10 98%
STAG2 95%
F9 0%
UPF3B 99%
PGK1 98%
ATRX 98%
RBMX 95%
UBA1, RBM10 98%
TBC1D25, GATA1 98%
GATA1, WDR13 94%
GLA, GLRA4 98%
PLP1 0%
KDM5C 96%
HUWE1X 97%
AKAP4 99%
LRCH2 96%
WDR44 94%
AMOT 95%
  1. Frequency of nuclei with single signal for X-borne loci investigated in this study. The efficiency of RNA-FISH hybridization for each locus is based on at least 100 male nuclei with two signals for the control autosomal gene, and therefore diploid. Genes highlighted in bold were used in sequential RNA-DNA FISH experiments.