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Figure 1

From: Rapid, low-input, low-bias construction of shotgun fragment libraries by high-density in vitro transposition

Figure 1

Methods for constructing in vitro fragment libraries. (a) In the conventional protocol, mechanical or endonuclease fragmentation is followed by end-polishing, A-tailing, adaptor ligation and PCR. (b) With transposase-mediated adaptor insertion, fragmentation and adaptor insertion occur in a single 5-min in vitro step, followed by PCR. For both methods, a primer-embedded sample-specific barcode can be incorporated during PCR amplification (black triangle).

Dark blue: Genomic DNA. Light green: End repaired sequence. Red: A-tail. Magenta/dark green and purple/dark green: Adaptors. Mid blue/brown/orange: Transposase adaptors. Cyan/light green triangles: Endonuclease fragmentation. Grey curved dotted lines: Sonication. Grey hexagon: Transposase.

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