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Table 3 Common GO terms associated with genes predicted to be secreted

From: A first genome assembly of the barley fungal pathogen Pyrenophora teres f. teres

GO identifier Description Number of genes
Biological process   
GO:0006508 Proteolysis 42
GO:0055114 Oxidation reduction 25
GO:0043581 Mycelium development 23
GO:0051591 Response to cAMP 16
GO:0045493 Xylan catabolic process 14
GO:0009405 Pathogenesis 9
GO:0034645 Macromolecule biosynthesis 8
GO:0044248 Cellular catabolic process 7
GO:0021700 Developmental maturation 7
GO:0006139 Nucleic acid metabolism 7
GO:0050794 Regulation of cellular process 7
GO:0006629 Lipid metabolic process 7
GO:0019222 Metabolic regulation 6
GO:0016998 Cell wall catabolic process 6
GO:0034641 Nitrogen metabolism 6
GO:0030245 Cellulose catabolic process 6
GO:0006032 Chitin catabolic process 6
GO:0006979 Response to oxidative stress 6
GO:0009847 Spore germination 6
GO:0007154 Cell communication 5
GO:0006464 Protein modification process 5
Molecular function   
GO:0016787 Hydrolase activity 193
GO:0043167 Ion binding 84
GO:0016491 Oxidoreductase activity 73
GO:0048037 Cofactor binding 36
GO:0000166 Nucleotide binding 36
GO:0030246 Carbohydrate binding 26
GO:0046906 Tetrapyrrole binding 16
GO:0001871 Pattern binding 14
GO:0016740 Transferase activity 13
GO:0016829 Lyase activity 9
GO:0005515 Protein binding 6
GO:0016874 Ligase activity 6
GO:0016853 Isomerase activity 6
  1. Terms are filtered for ≥5 members; molecular function GO terms are limited to GO term level 3.