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Table 1 The position of all chromosome territories in primary human dermal fibroblasts as determined by 2D FISH, image acquisition, and erosion analysis

From: Rapid chromosome territory relocation by nuclear motor activity in response to serum removal in primary human fibroblasts

Chromosome by size Proliferating
1 IMb P
2 Pb P
3 Pd P
4 Pcd Pc
5 IMd IM
6 IMb P
7 P^ P
X Pab Pc
8 IMb P
9 Pd P
10 IMd P
11 IMd P
12 Pb I
13 Pa Ic
14 Ib I
15 Pb I
16 Ib I
17 Ib I
18 Pac Iac
19 Ia Ia
20 Id IM
22 Ib I
21 Ib I
Y I^ I
  1. This table summarizes the locations of all the chromosomes in quiescent and proliferating nuclei of human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs). The positions of chromosomes shown without a symbol have been determined for this study. aData derived from [5]. bData derived from [4]. cData derived from [9]. dData derived from [7].