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Table 4 Yersinia core size reduction by exclusion of one species

From: Genomic characterization of the Yersinia genus

Species excluded Core protein families
None 2,072
Y. enterocolitica 2,074
Y. aldovae 2,085
Y. bercovieri 2,079
Y. frederiksenii 2,077
Y. intermedia 2,080
Y. kristensenii 2,076
Y. mollaretii 2,078
Y. rohdei 2,091
Y. ruckeri 2,232
Y. pseudotuberculosis 2,076
Y. pestis 2,094
  1. The core protein families with number of members 2 or greater were recalculated in each case (see Materials and methods) with the protein set from one genome missing.