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Figure 4

From: Genomic characterization of the Yersinia genus

Figure 4

Protein-based comparison of Y. enterocolitica 8081 to the Yersinia genus. The map represents the blast score ratio (BSR) [98, 99] to the protein encoded by Y. enterocolitica [15]. Blue indicates a BSR >0.70 (strong match); cyan 0.69 to 0.4 (intermediate); green <0.4 (weak). Red and pink outer circles are locations of the Y. enterocolitica genes on the + and - strands. The genomes are ordered from outside to inside based on the greatest overall similarity to Y. enterocolitica: Y. kristensenii, Y. frederiksenii, Y. mollaretii, Y. intermedia, Y. bercovieri, Y. aldovae, Y. rohdei, Y. ruckeri, Y. pseudotuberculosis, and Y. pestis. The black bars on the outside refer to genome islands in Y. enterocolitica identified by Thomson et al. [15].

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