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Table 1 Velvet assemblies

From: De novo genome sequence assembly of a filamentous fungus using Sanger, 454 and Illumina sequence data

ID T42 T38 T36 T36; QRL(Q10) = 28
Total contigs 6,945 8,637 19,118 39,488
N50 contig 24,566 (N/A) 10,706 2,902 1,299
Total DNA (bp) 26,721,397 26,466,756 25,854,719 24,812,690
EST analysis* 6,585/29 6,204/24 4,657/11 2,923/9
  1. *EST alignments are given as: Complete alignments/Misassemblies (see Materials and methods). Velvet assemblies were generated from Illumina GAii read data. Assembly T42 was generated from the untrimmed, no-call and shadow filtered Illumina PE reads. Assemblies T38 and T36 were generated by trimming the last 4 and 6 bp, respectively, from the T42 read set. Assembly T36, QRL(Q10) = 28 was generated with the T36 read set from which reads were removed if they failed the QRL(Q10) = 28 quality region length filtering (see Materials and methods).