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Table 2 Toxin B cytotoxicity assay

From: Comparative genome and phenotypic analysis of Clostridium difficile 027 strains provides insight into the evolution of a hypervirulent bacterium

  630 CD 196 R 20291
VERO 2.00E-07 1.60E-09 1.00E-09
HELA 3.00E-06 1.00E-08 4.00E-10
3T3 3.00E-06 1.00E-08 4.00E-10
NG108 2.50E-04 3.80E-06 6.00E-08
MDCK 9.00E-05 3.00E-05 1.60E-06
CaCO2 9.00E-05 3.00E-05 1.20E-07
Hep2 1.00E-06 3.50E-08 4.00E-10
CHO 1.20E-05 1.24E-08 1.00E-08
  1. Cytotoxicity as expressed as toxin molarity (M) that induces 50% cell rounding after 24 hour exposure.