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Figure 2

From: Common variants in polygenic schizophrenia

Figure 2

Continuous P-values observed in ISC and meta-analysis. The upper panel shows association results across the MHC region. Results are presented as -log10(P-value) for genotyped SNPs. The most significant SNP is shown with a blue diamond. The color of the markers reflects r2 with rs3130375, light pink, r2 > 0.1, red, r2 > 0.8. The recombination rate from the CEU HapMap (second y-axis) is plotted in light blue (upper panel). The lower panel shows a zoomed-in presentation of chromosome 6p22.1 genetic association results in meta-analysis. Genome-wide significant evidence for association (P < 5 × 10-8, threshold shown by red line, SNPs by large red diamonds) was observed at seven SNPs across 209 kb. P-values are shown for all genotyped and imputed SNPs (25,900,000-27,875,000 bp) for the meta-analysis of European-ancestry MGS, ISC and SGENE samples (8,008 cases, 19,077 controls). Red circles indicate other SNPs with P < 5 × 10-7. Adapted from [5] and [6]. SGENE figure not available.

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