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Table 1 Global statistics of the human and mouse 'promoteromes' that we constructed from the human and mouse CAGE data

From: Methods for analyzing deep sequencing expression data: constructing the human and mouse promoterome with deepCAGE data

Statistic Human Mouse
Number of samples 56 66
Number of mapped CAGE tags 25,469,648 8,104,796
Number of TSSs 6,395,686 1,515,273
Number of TSSs in TSCs 860,823 608,474
Number of TSCs 74,273 77,286
Number of TSRs 43,164 50,915
  1. Shown are the number of different samples, the total number of CAGE tags that were mapped to the genome, the total number of different TSSs that were observed at least once, the number of TSSs in TSCs, the number of TSCs, and the number of TSRs.