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Table 3 Integrated ontology figures

From: The Cell Cycle Ontology: an application ontology for the representation and integrated analysis of the cell cycle process

Entity At Hs Sc Sp Total
Proteins 14,892 54,109 18,007 3,635 90,643
Genes 4,595 10,005 4,695 1,744 21,039
Orthology types - - - - 5,772
  1. Figures are shown for the composite ontology (CCO): union of the four organism-specific ontologies (A. thaliana (At), H. sapiens (Hs), S. cerevisiae (Sc) and S. pombe (Sp)) plus their orthology relationships. The OrthoMCL execution adds 5,772 clusters containing at least one core cell cycle protein (see 'Data integration' in Materials and methods for the definition of the term 'core cell cycle protein') together with their proteins to CCO; the total number of proteins in CCO is 90,643. Numbers are given for some of the main entities (for example, cell cycle proteins) in the composite ontology (CCO).