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Table 2 CCO protein figures

From: The Cell Cycle Ontology: an application ontology for the representation and integrated analysis of the cell cycle process

Type of proteins At Hs Sc Sp Total
Core cell cycle 3,276 9,114 1,648 1,348 15,386
Added from IntAct 166 1,671 2,777 80 4,694
Modified proteins added from UniProt 126 15,328 10,200 926 26,580
Total 3,572 26,220 14,685 2,388 46,865
  1. This table shows the number of cell cycle related proteins that were integrated into the four species-specific ontologies for the model organisms: A. thaliana (At), H. sapiens (Hs), S. cerevisiae (Sc) and S. pombe (Sp). See 'Data integration' in Materials and methods for the definition of the term 'core cell cycle protein'.