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Table 2 AAIs of the orthologous CDSs of P. fluorescens and P. aeruginosa strains and P. syringae pathovars

From: Genomic and genetic analyses of diversity and plant interactions of Pseudomonas fluorescens

Strain pairing AAI
P. fluorescens  
   Pf0-1/Pf-5 82.786
   SBW25/Pf0-1 81.784
   SBW25/Pf-5 81.589
P. aeruginosa  
   PA7/PA14 94.974
   PA7/PAO1 95.070
   PA14/PAO1 98.887
P. syringae  
   pv. syringae/pv. phaseolicola 94.238
   pv. syringae/pv. tomato 92.025
   pv. phaseolicola/pv. tomato 92.597
  1. AAI, amino acid identity.