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Table 4 Subsets of GO terms (biological process, molecular function and cellular component) over-represented for co-regulated transcripts encoding highly disordered proteins

From: Insights into the regulation of intrinsically disordered proteins in the human proteome by analyzing sequence and gene expression data

Term Description Disorder (60,80]% Disorder (80,100]%
[GO:0005769] Early endosome Down Down
[GO:0005770] Late endosome Down Down
[GO:0005838] Proteasome regulatory particle Down Down
[GO:0016272] Prefoldin complex Down  
[GO:0031371] Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme complex Down  
[GO:0000145] Exocyst Down  
[GO:0000502] Proteasome complex Down  
[GO:0032991] Macromolecular complex   Up
[GO:0043234] Protein complex   Up
[GO:0019872] Small conjugating protein ligase activity   Up
[GO:0042803] Protein homodimerization activity   Up
[GO:0051131] Chaperone-mediated protein complex assembly   Up
[GO:0008639] Small protein conjugating enzyme activity   Up
[GO:0004842] Ubiquitin-protein ligase activity   Up
[GO:0016874] Ligase activity   Up
[GO:0006512] Ubiquitin cycle   Up
[GO:0004869] Cysteine protease inhibitor activity Up Up
[GO:0004866] Endopeptidase inhibitor activity Up Up
[GO:0030414] Protease inhibitor activity Up Up
[GO:0051082] Unfolded protein binding Up Up
[GO:0046983] Protein dimerization activity Up Up
[GO:0051291] Protein hetero-oligomerization Up  
[GO:0007032] Endosome organization and biogenesis Up  
[GO:0006983] ER overload response Up  
[GO:0051087] Chaperone binding Up  
[GO:0031579] Lipid raft organization and biogenesis Up  
[GO:0016235] Aggresome Up  
[GO:0016234] Inclusion body Up  
[GO:0016926] Protein desumoylation Up  
[GO:0008581] Ubiquitin specific protease 5 activity Up  
[GO:0006622] Protein targeting to lysosome Up  
[GO:0019783] Small conjugating protein-specific protease activity   Down
[GO:0008219] Cell death   Down
[GO:0007049] Cell death   Down
[GO:0051603] Proteolysis involved in cellular protein catabolic process Down Down
[GO:0004221] Ubiquitin thiolesterase activity Down Down
[GO:0016197] Endosome transport Down Down
[GO:0016874] Ligase activity Down Down
[GO:0004843] Ubiquitin-specific protease activity Down Down
[GO:0051082] Unfolded protein binding Down Down
[GO:0000209] Protein polyubiquitination Down Down
[GO:0006511] Ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process Down  
[GO:0006512] Ubiquitin cycle Down  
[GO:0051087] Chaperone binding Down  
[GO:0030968] Unfolded protein response Down  
[GO:0030100] Regulation of endocytosis Down  
[GO:0043488] Regulation of mRNA stability Down  
[GO:0031396] Regulation of protein ubiquitination Down  
  1. Up, up-regulation; down, down-regulation.