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Table 2 Identified pH-sensing genes in Aspergillus nidulans and their homologues in A. niger

From: Systemic analysis of the response of Aspergillus nigerto ambient pH

Gene ORFs
  A. nidulans A. niger
palA AN4351 119792
palB AN0256 171058
palC AN7560 48740
palF AN1844 Not found*
palH AN6886 120044
palI AN4853 52449
vps32/snf7 AN4240 136905
pacC AN2855 47049
  1. The A. niger open reading frames (ORFs) were identified by using bidirectional best blast hits.
  2. *No hit for palF was found in the publicly available genome sequence for A. niger ATCC 1015, but a near-identical hit was found on the right arm of chromosome VI in the finished version of the genome sequence.