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Table 1 Contents of the FANTOM4 instance of EdgeExpressDB: features

From: FANTOM4 EdgeExpressDB: an integrated database of promoters, genes, microRNAs, expression dynamics and regulatory interactions

Features Source Genomic co-ordinates
Gene Entrez [8] Yes
Transcription start site (L1) FANTOM4 [1] Yes
Promoter (L2) FANTOM4 [1] Yes
Promoter (L3) FANTOM4 [1] Yes
miRNA (pre-) Mirbase 10.0 [9] Yes
miRNA (mature) Mirbase 10.0 [9] No
Illumina probe FANTOM4 [1] Yes/no
Agilent miRNA probe FANTOM4 [1] No
TFBS matrix FANTOM4 [1] No