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Table 4 Skewness of expression correlation distributions of GRB targets and bystanders for THP1 macrophage differentiation time-course

From: Transcriptional features of genomic regulatory blocks

  Skewness Rep1 Skewness Rep2 Skewness Rep3
Correlation of bystander versus targets -0.1962504 0.04708631 -0.06708631
Correlations of bystander with each other -0.3967593 -0.1637775 -0.2637438
  1. The skewness of correlation coefficient distributions for target-bystander gene pairs and for bystander pairs in the same GRB are shown. The skewness of distributions was calculated separately for each replicate. In all the cases, we observed more negative skew (left-skew) in bystander pair correlations.