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Table 3 Set of selected tags, tag-mapping and experimental validation

From: Identification of novel transcripts with differential dorso-ventral expression in Xenopus gastrula using serial analysis of gene expression

ID Matches to genome Bioinformatics mapping rSAGE mapping X. laevis homologue Validation
DV01 23 pintallavis pintallavis pintallavis Positive control
DV02 14 3 EST clusters - ND ND
DV03 10 vent1.1 - vent-1.1 Positive control
DV04 26 No transcript Scaffold_19023: 2428-2444 Not found In situ
DV05 1,482 6 transcripts Cluster Str. 39849 Not found PCR and in situ
DV06 2 goosecoid goosecoid goosecoid Positive control
DV07 1 zcsl-2 zcsl-2 LOC496356 False positive
DV08 82 LOC496648/ubadc1 ubadc1 MGC115132 False positive
DV09 20 sox11 sox11 sox11 In situ
DV10 7 admp admp admp Positive control
DV11 3 LOC100124861 - MGC82245 False positive
DV12 9 LOC549498 LOC549498 MGC115377 In situ
DV13 12 Id2 id2 id2 PCR and in situ
DV14 10 No transcript Cluster Str.3968 MGC82755 False positive
DV15 11 vent1.2 - vent1.2 Positive control
DV16 3 MGC147163 MGC147163 MGC81848 PCR and in situ
DV17 11 Str.45862/Str.40022 Str.45862/Str.40022 Not found PCR
DV18 68 LOC548724 LOC548724 MGC116509 In situ
DV22 9 smagp ND mitotic phosphoprotein 22 PCR and in situ
DV25 27 cyclin A2 ND MGC130969 False positive
DV38 25 nap1l1 ND nap1 PCR and in situ
  1. Summary of the tag-mapping and experimental validation of selected tags. Dashes (-) indicate rSAGE failed to provide a longer and specific sequence. ND, not determined.