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Table 1 Duplications in gene families with products localized to the mitochondria

From: Expansion of the human mitochondrial proteome by intra- and inter-compartmental protein duplication

Human localization of gene family Yeast localization of gene family Number of families Number of human proteins
Mitochondrial Mitochondrial 53 118
Mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial Non-mitochondrial 26 101
Other Other 25 55
  1. 'Mitochondrial' denotes mitochondrial localization for all genes from this family in a species; 'non-mitochondrial' indicates a known localization to another subcellular compartment; 'mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial' indicates families with both mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial paralogs. See also Table S4 in Additional data file 1 for other duplication classes.