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Table 4 Timing and cost for Crossbow experiments using reads from the Wang et al. study [5]

From: Searching for SNPs with cloud computing

EC2 Nodes 1 master, 10 workers 1 master, 20 workers 1 master, 40 workers
Worker CPU cores 80 160 320
Wall clock time 6 h:30 m 4 h:33 m 2 h:53 m
Approximate cluster setup time 18 m 18 m 21 m
Approximate crossbow time 6 h:12 m 4 h:15 m 2 h:32 m
Approximate cost (US/Europe) $52.36/$60.06 $71.40/$81.90 $83.64/$95.94
  1. Costs are approximate and based on the pricing as of this writing, that is, $0.68 per extra-large high-CPU EC2 node per hour in the US and $0.78 in Europe. Times can vary subject to, for example, congestion and Internet traffic conditions.