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Figure 5

From: COMIT: identification of noncoding motifs under selection in coding sequences

Figure 5

Experimentally verified ESEs are preferentially conserved by natural selection. (a) Motif z-scores (greater z indicates greater conservation), based on mouse-human comparisons, show a strong quantitative correlation (Spearman ρ = 0.422, permutation test P-value = 0.045) with splicing inclusion rates as measured experimentally in [4]. (b) K s values, also based on mouse-human comparisons, show a far weaker correlation (ρ = -0.0725, P-value = 0.606). Black lines indicate regression fits. While the two motifs with the highest splicing inclusion rates do exhibit below-average K s values, this is the only apparent effect, indicating that COMIT scores are better for assessing functional motifs.

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