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Table 2 Stop codons gained and lost relative to reference

From: Deep short-read sequencing of chromosome 17 from the mouse strains A/J and CAST/Ei identifies significant germline variation and candidate genes that regulate liver triglyceride levels

Gene Description Codon
   Stops gained   
Abca3 ATP-binding cassette sub-family A member 3 1069/1704
Lmf1 Transmembrane protein 12 182/188
ENSMUSG00000073427 Adult male hypothalamus cDNA 109/132
ENSMUSG00000002791   109/311
EG630249 Butyrophilin-like 7 570/580
H2-T23 H-2 class I histocompatibility antigen, D-37 alpha chain precursor 218/357
Rpp21 Ribonuclease P protein subunit p21 70/71
ENSMUSG00000073395 Adult male epididymis cDNA 158/163
   Stops lost   
Rmcs2 Response to metastatic cancers 2 gene 263/263
ENSMUSG00000073373 12 days embryo female mullerian duct includes surrounding region cDNA 42/42
   Stops gained   
Pabpc3 Poly(A) binding protein, cytoplasmic 3 gene 631/644
ENSMUSG00000073464 Putative uncharacterized protein 107/140
Smok2a Sperm motility kinase 2B gene 96/505
BC052484 Mesothelin-like gene 673/686
Uhrf1 bp1 UHRF1 (ICBP90) binding protein 1 gene 89/93
C920016K16Rik RIKEN cDNA C920016K16 gene 13/468
ENSMUSG00000067203   3/385
2610110G12Rik RIKEN cDNA 2610110G12 gene 398/399
H2-T9 Histocompatibility 2, T region locus 22 gene 126/380
Rpp21 Ribonuclease P 21 subunit (human) gene 70/72
ENSMUSG00000044538   305/320
Olfr138 Olfactory receptor 138 gene 203/313
9130008F23Rik ENSMUSG00000054951 RIKEN cDNA 9130008F23 gene 55+106/182
Trem2 Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2 gene 148/250
EG328839 Predicted gene, EG328839 13/115
Yipf4 Yip1 domain family, member 4 gene 30/290
ENSMUSG00000079336   3/13
ENSMUSG00000066938 Putative uncharacterized protein fragment 94/108
Thada Thyroid adenoma associated gene 1791/1950
ENSMUSG00000071036 Putative uncharacterized protein MCG125396 53/120
   Stops lost   
Rmcs2 Response to metastatic cancers 2 gene 263/263
H2-Bl Histocompatibility 2, blastocyst gene 263/263
Foxn2 Forkhead box N2 gene 212/212
ENSMUSG00000073373 Putative uncharacterized protein 42/42