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Table 5 RT-qPCR validation of SAGE profile for E15.5 versus P1.5 stages

From: Molecular networks involved in mouse cerebral corticogenesis and spatio-temporal regulation of Sox4 and Sox11 novel antisense transcripts revealed by transcriptome profiling

    Fold change
SAGE tag RefSeq accession Gene ID P1.5/E15.5 (SAGE) P1.5/E15.5 (RT-qPCR)
Atttctttggtgatttt NM_010838 microtubule-associated protein tau, Mapt 5.51 1.53*
Gcactgttaacaagtgt NM_009234 SRY-box containing gene 11, Sox11 -2.17 -3.32
  1. All RT-qPCR data are statistically significant at P < 0.001 unless specified: * P < 0.05. Fold change values of <1.0 are presented in a negative fold change format.