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Table 3 Examples of genes encoding signaling pathway components that show changes in splice junctions upon wingless pathway activation

From: Global analysis of alternative splicing regulation by insulin and wingless signaling in Drosophilacells

Gene name Type of AS Effect of AS Expression Function
Fz2 Alternative promoter Alternative 5' UTR Upregulated Wnt receptor activity
dawdle Alternative promoter Alternative 5' UTR Upregulated TGF-β receptor binding
baboon Mutually exclusive exons Alternative activin receptor domain No change TGF-β type I receptor
stat92E Alternative promoter; exon skipping Alternative stat interaction domain No change JAK/STAT signaling
hr51 Multiple exon skipping Alternative coding sequence No change Steroid hormone receptor
  1. Pathway components are described, together with the type of alternative splicing event, predicted consequences for the transcript/protein and function in the pathway (as retrieved from Flybase and literature). AS, alternative splicing.