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Table 1 Annotation servers

From: Introducing meta-services for biomedical information extraction

Team/Group GM GN TX PPI Conf State Web Page
Hakenberg + + + + True Dynamic
Kuo +     False Dynamic
Tsai +    + True Dynamic
Lau   +    True Dynamic
Sætre + +   + True Static  
Kim     + True Dynamic
Baumgartner + +   + False Dynamic  
Haddow + + + + True Static  
Ruch   +   + True Dynamic
Özgür     + True Static  
Luong   +    True Dynamic  
Hoffmann a + + + True Dynamic
Totals 6 8 3 9 10 12 teams  
  1. List of annotation servers used by the meta-server, plus a Boolean flag determining whether the classifiers use a confidence score (Conf) and the system state (State): dynamic = online system, already capable of delivering content for any PubMed abstract; static = offline system, server in development. The webpage columns provide a link to an online site for a team's annotation system. aiHOP (Hoffmann) delivers GMs, but because of data compatibility issues this is a feature to be added in later versions of the meta-server. GM, gene/protein mention detections; GN, gene/protein normalizations; PPI, protein-protein interaction classification; TX, taxon classifications.