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Table 2 Area under the precision versus recall curve for MIPS function prediction

From: Combining guilt-by-association and guilt-by-profiling to predict Saccharomyces cerevisiaegene function

Individual classifier Funckenstein MRF-NB
   FL RF + FL  
PDT RF Spoke model Spoke model + Pfam Matrix Model Matrix model + Pfam FL spoke model FL spoke model + Pfam FL matrix model FL matrix model + Pfam  
0.504 0.621 0.364 0.451 0.355 0.451 0.651 0.637 0.644 0.635 0.522
  1. FL, functional linkage; MIPS, Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences; MRF, Markov random field; NB, naïve Bayes; PDT, probabilistic decision tree; RF, random forest.