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Table 1 Generalized properties of major groups of phytochromes

From: The phytochrome red/far-red photoreceptor superfamily

Group Organisms Approximate MW (kDa) Chromophore Pr λmax (nm) Pfr λmax (nm)
Phy Plants and green algae 120-130 PΦB 670 730
Cph Cyanobacteria 80-115 PCB 650 705
Bph Eubacteria 80-100 BV 700 750
Fph Filamentous fungi 130-205 BV 705 760
  1. Representative values for the properties are given to illustrate fundamental differences and similarities among these groups. Only a limited number of members of each group have been directly analyzed for their chromophore specificity and spectral properties. The molecular weight (MW) ranges reflect sequences currently available in public databases.