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Table 1 A selection of identified relevant clusters in the set of differentially expressed genes between metastatic and localized prostate cancer

From: Anni 2.0: a multipurpose text-mining tool for the life sciences

Cluster Number of genes Descriptive concepts
   A 24 Kinetochores; mitosis; anaphase-promoting complex
   B 5 Nuclear proteins; tumor markers, biological
   C 3 Unfolded protein response
   A 7 Complement system proteins
   B 7 Calponin; smooth muscle myosins
   C 4 Myosin phosphatase; smooth muscle (tissue)
   D 7 Extracellular matrix proteins
   E 5 Transcription factor; proto-oncogene proteins c-fos
   F 4 Cyclin-dependent kinases
   G 3 Melanosomes; membrane protein traffic; exocytosis
   H 5 Membrane transport proteins; symporter
  1. The most descriptive concepts are shown as given by the Anni annotation view. The two left-most columns depict how many genes in the cluster were either up- or down-regulated in metastasized prostate cancer.