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Table 1 Summary of peptides identified with a PeptideProphet P score ≥0.9

From: A mouse plasma peptide atlas as a resource for disease proteomics

Peptide Counts Percentage
Total assignment above threshold 800,507  
Total correct assignment 791,069  
Total incorrect assignment 9,438  
Spectrum assignment false discovery rate 0.012  
Total distinct peptides 13,779 100.00
Distinct peptides mapped to human genome 13,461 97.69
Possible proteins implicated in mapping 10,674  
Simple reduced proteins 4,084  
Simple reduced genes 3,580  
Unambiguously mapped proteins 1,590  
Total distinct peptides, presented in ≥2 samples 9,170 66.55
Total singleton distinct peptides 4,609 33.45
Cys-containing distinct peptides 3,709 26.92
Trp-containing distinct peptides 2,067 15.00
Lys-containing distinct peptides 8,392 60.90
Total distinct peptides from colon cancer versus normal 5,958  
Total distinct peptides from breast cancer versus normal 8,874  
Total distinct peptides from pancreatic cancer versus normal 7,753  
Total distinct peptides from ovarian cancer versus normal 5,368  
Total distinct peptides in all four reference sets 2,897 21.02
Total distinct peptides in three reference sets 1,534 11.13
Total distinct peptides in two reference sets 2,415 17.53