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Figure 3

From: GeneCount: genome-wide calculation of absolute tumor DNA copy numbers from array comparative genomic hybridization data

Figure 3

GeneCount estimations of tumor cell fraction. Tumor cell fraction of lymphomas estimated by GeneCount is plotted against tumor cell fraction measured by flow cytometry. Each point represents mean ± standard deviation based on the values achieved for q within the range 0.7-0.9. The smoothed aCGH ratios from (a) GLAD and (b) CGH-explorer, the q range 0.7-0.8, and a DI determined by flow cytometry were inputs to GeneCount. The calculations were based on 55 (a) and 43 (b) tumors for which suitable ratio levels for the calculations existed. Correlation coefficients and P-values from Pearson product moment correlation analyses are indicated.

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