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Table 2 Selected marker genes of the adult rodent metanephric nephron

From: Organization of the pronephric kidney revealed by large-scale gene expression mapping

Gene GenBank accession number Expression domains References
Slc1a1 NM_009199 S2, S3 [69]
Slc3a1 NM_009205 S1, S2, S3 [70] and this study (data not shown)
Slc4a4 NM_018760 S1, S2>S3 [71,72] and this study (data not shown)
Slc5a1 NM_019810 S2<S3 [73,74]
Slc5a2 NM_133254 S1, S2 [32] and this study
Slc5a9 NM_145551 S1<S2, S3 This study (data not shown)
Slc6a13 NM_144512 S2<S3 This study (data not shown)
Slc6a19 NM_028878 S1, S2>S3 [75]
Slc7a13 NM_028746 S2, S3 [76] and this study
Slc8a1 NM_011406 CNT [77,78] and this study
Slc12a1 NM_183354 TAL [79] and this study
Slc12a3 NM_019415 DCT [77,80] and this study
Slc13a3 NM_054055 S2, S3 This study (data not shown)
Slc16a7 NM_011391 TAL, CNT This study
Slc22a2 NM_013667 S2, S3 [81] and this study (data not shown)
Slc22a5 NM_011396 S1, S2, S3 [82,83] and this study (data not shown)
Slc22a6 NM_008766 S1<S2, S3 [84,85]
Rhcg/Slc42a3 NM_019799 DCT, CNT, CD [51,52]
Cldn8 NM_018778 DTL, CNT, CD [86] and this study
Cldn16 NM_053241 TAL [87]
Calb1 NM_009788 DCT, CNT [80] and this study
Clcnka NM_024412 ATL [88]
Clcnkb NM_019701 TAL, DCT, CNT, CD [88]
Kcnj1 NM_019659 TAL, DCT, CNT [89]
  1. ATL, ascending thin limb; CD, collecting duct; CNT, connecting tubule; DCT, distal convoluted tubule; TAL, thick ascending limb.