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Table 1 Selected marker genes of the stage 35/36 Xenopus pronephric nephron

From: Organization of the pronephric kidney revealed by large-scale gene expression mapping

Gene GenBank accession number Expression domains References
slc1a1 CV079713 PT3 This study
slc3a1 BU903456 PT1, PT2, PT3 This study
slc4a4 BU905206 PT1, PT2>PT3; DT1 [19] and this study
slc5a1 CA974591 PT2<PT3 This study
slc5a2 CF520680 PT1, PT2 [22] and this study
slc5a9 CA788193 PT2, PT3 This study
slc6a13 BC060418 PT1, PT2, PT3 This study
slc6a19 BC081075 PT1, PT2 This study
slc7a13 BC060020 PT3 [22] and this study
slc8a1 BG371210 CT This study
slc12a1 BU904428 IT1, IT2, DT1 [19,22] and this study
slc12a3 CA790325 DT2, CT [22] and this study
slc13a3 BC075138 PT2, PT3 This study
slc16a7 BJ059209 IT1, IT2, DT1, DT2, CT This study
slc22a2 BC061664 PT2*, PT3* This study
slc22a5 BC056014 PT1, PT2, PT3 This study
slc22a6 BC081057 PT2, PT3 This study
rhcg/slc42a3 BC084943 DT2 This study
cldn8 DR877133 IT2 This study
cldn16 CD100665 IT1, IT2, DT1 This study
calb1 U76636 CT This study
clcnk AJ011385 IT1, IT2, DT1, DT2, CT [17,22] and this study
kcnj1 CF522101 IT1, DT1, DT2, CT This study
  1. *Expression domains determined for stage 40. CT, connecting tubule; DT, distal tubule; IT, intermediate tubule; PT, proximal tubule;