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Table 3 Regression results for neutral substitution rates estimated from CpG sites

From: Human-macaque comparisons illuminate variation in neutral substitution rates

  CpG sites
Predictors t value* Significance VIF Variability explained§
X chromosome/autosome indicator 13.99 <10-4 1.1 0.02
GC content     
   Linear term -57.37 <10-4 2.7 0.32
   Quadratic term 5.73 <10-4 1.2  
Exon density -6.28 <10-4 2.3 0.003
SNP density NS NS NS NS
Male recomb rate NS NS NS NS
Female recomb rate NS NS NS NS
Distance to telomeres     
   Linear term NS NS NS NS
   Quadratic term NS NS NS  
Multiple R2     0.82
Adjusted R2     0.82
  1. CpG sites were taken in ancestral repeats (without requiring orthology to mouse, rat, dog and cow) for each of 2,270 windows of size 1 Mb. *t value, test statistic of null hypothesis that each predictor's coefficient is equal to zero; p-values adjusted for multiple tests (using Bonferroni correction); VIF, variance inflation factor; §relative contribution to explained variability computed for each predictor. NS, non-significant.