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Table 3 Putative deleted genes

From: Widespread duplications in the genomes of laboratory stocks of Dictyostelium discoideum

Gene ID Annotation
DDB0167672 -
DDB0168894 bioY domain
DDB0184375 pitD: phosphatidylinositol transfer protein
DDB0184376 B-module
DDB0185937 Nucleotide binding protein 1-like protein
DDB0186442 fslF: frizzled/smoothened GPCR
DDB0187848 -
DDB0188002 -
DDB0188003 -
DDB0188004 -
DDB0188007 -
DDB0188514 -
DDB0188991 -
DDB0191930 -
DDB0191949 -
DDB0202734 Protein kinase related (catalytically inactive)
DDB0203140 -
DDB0205403 -
DDB0206106 -
DDB0206108 -
DDB0206109 -
DDB0206110 -
DDB0206111 -
DDB0206112 -
DDB0206115 pyr5-6
DDB0206404 -
DDB0206525 -
DDB0215073 -
DDB0217158 -
DDB0217456 -
DDB0218143 Protein kinase
DDB0218478 -
DDB0219338 -
DDB0219404 Dymeclin homologue - mutated in Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome
DDB0219746 -
  1. Any gene with a log2 ratio below -3 in any comparison with the reference strain Ax2(Ka) is listed, along with any informative annotation available. The single gene deletion already known is pyr5-6, which was engineered in the creation of the auxotrophic strain DH1; this gene is not missing in any other strain. Strictly, some of these genes may merely have diverged in sequence in some strains sufficiently to significantly reduce hybridization to our probes (designed and amplified from the Ax4 genome).