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Table 1 Strains used in this work

From: Widespread duplications in the genomes of laboratory stocks of Dictyostelium discoideum

Strain Donor Stock centre strain ID Reference
A2cycR D Francis   [24,25]
Ax2-206 G Gerisch   
Ax2-214 G Gerisch   
Ax2(I) R Insall   
Ax2(Ka) RR Kay DBS0235521  
Ax2(M) D Malchow   
Ax2(Wee) G Weeks (via SC) DBS0235526  
Ax3(C) R Chisholm (via SC) DBS0235539  
Ax3(Dev) P Devreotes (via SC) DBS0235542  
Ax4(F) R Firtel (via SC) DBS0236487  
Ax4(Ku) A Kuspa   
DdB(SC) Stock Center DBS0235747  
DdB(Wel) D Welker   
DH1 P Devreotes   [37]
HU32 D Welker   [68]
JH10 R Firtel   [36]
KAx3(U) H Urushihara   
NC28.2 D Francis   [46]
NC4(B) J Bonner   
NC4(Dee) R Deering (via D Welker)   
NC4(Kn) D Knecht   
NC4(L) W Loomis   
NC4(S) P Schaap   
NC4(Wi) K Williams (via D Welker)   
NC42.1 D Francis   [46]
NC4A2(Kn) D Knecht   [44]
NC4A2(SC) Stock Centre DBS0236602 [44]
NC59.2 D Francis   [46]
NC66.2 D Francis   [46]
NC94.2 D Francis   [46]
NP73 D Welker   [69]
NP81 D Welker   [40]
NYA64 H Hagiwara   
V12M2 G Gerisch DBS0235789  
WS205 D Francis   [24,25]
X22 P Newell   [41]
XP55 P Newell   [42]
XP99 P Newell   [43]
  1. Most strains were chosen simply because stocks are held in this laboratory, having been previously sent for other purposes; others were obtained from the Dictyostelium Stock Centre [35]. Stock Centre strain IDs are given only where this is the exact strain tested - it was either deposited by us in the Stock Centre or received from it - but not otherwise.