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Table 1 Comparison of Loa/+, Cra1/+ and Swl/+ mice

From: Cytoplasmic dynein could be key to understanding neurodegeneration

  Loa/+ [1,13,20] Cra1/+ [13] Swl/+ [1]
Mutation F580Y Y1055C [GIVT]1040 [A]
Lifespan Normal Normal Normal
Progressive phenotype Mildly Mildly No
Limb clenching Yes Yes Yes
Gait abnormalities Yes Yes Yes
Forelimb grip strength Reduced Unknown Normal
Hindlimb grip strength Reduced Reduced Reduced
Muscle pathology Normal Abnormal Normal
Loss of muscle spindles Yes Unknown Yes
Nociception * Unknown No
Proprioception Abnormal Unknown Abnormal
H reflex Absent Unknown Absent
Loss of lumbar DRG neurons Yes Unknown Yes
Loss of cervical DRG neurons Mild Unknown No
Size of ventral root Normal Unknown Normal
Size of dorsal root Thin Unknown Thin
Diameter of sciatic nerve Thin Unknown Thin
Loss of alpha motor neurons in spinal cord Mild Mild No
Attenuates SOD1G93A Yes Yes No
  1. *Tendency to longer time in tail-flick test, but never shown to be statistically significant (Rogers D, EMCF, Martin JE, unpublished data). Not statistically significant. (Bros V, EMCF and Greensmith L, unpublished data).