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Table 2 Leishmania candidate virulence factors enriched in Cm

From: Proteomic analysis of the secretome of Leishmania donovani

GeneDB accession numbers Protein identificationa Mean Cm/CA ratiob Putative functionc
Signal transduction proteins
   LmjF35.2420 Phosphoinositide-binding protein, putative 3.51 Kinased
   LmjF33.1380 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 11, putative, MAP kinase, putative 2.42 Kinase
   LmjF09.0770 Oligopeptidase b, serine peptidase, clan SC, family S9A-like protein 2.31 Cell-cell signaling
   LmjF34.2820 Regulatory subunit of protein kinase a-like protein 2.30 Kinase
   LmjF28.2740 Activated protein kinase c receptor (LACK) 2.28 Kinase receptor
   LmjF25.0750 Protein phosphatase, putative 2.27 Phosphatase
   LmjF35.1010 Casein kinase, putative 2.08 Kinase
   LmjF10.0490 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 3, putative, MAP kinase 3, putative 1.73 Kinase, signal transduction
   LmjF31.2790 ADP-ribosylation factor, putative 1.67 Small GTPase mediated signal transduction
Immunosupressive proteins
   LmjF35.2210 Kinetoplastid membrane protein-11 2.33 Immunosuppressive [51]
   LmjF33.1750 Macrophage migration inhibitory factor-like protein 2.21 Immunosuppressive [52]
   LmjF25.0910 Cyclophilin a 1.73 Immunosuppressive [103]
Proteins Involved in Intracellular survival
   LmjF14.1360 Myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase 3.93 Inositol biosynthesis [50]
   LmjF23.0200 Endoribonuclease L-PSP (pb5), putative 3.91 mRNA salvage, inhibition protein synthesis
   LmjF11.0630 Aminopeptidase, putative, metallo-peptidase, clan MF, family M17 3.05 Proteolysis
   LmjF28.1730 Proteasome regulatory non-ATP-ase subunit 2, putative 2.40 Proteolysis
   LmjF34.1040 Uracil phosphoribosyltransferase, putative 2.34 Pyrimidine salvage
   LmjF09.0770 Oligopeptidase b, serine peptidase, clan SC, family S9A-like protein 2.31 Invasion, proteolysis
   LmjF32.1820 Iron superoxide dismutase, putative 2.29 Antioxidant
   LmjF13.0090 Carboxypeptidase, putative, metallo-peptidase, clan MA(E), family 32 2.14 Proteolysis
   LmjF28.2770 Heat-shock protein hsp70, putative 2.14 Protein stability
   LmjF26.1570 Thimet oligopeptidase, putative, metallo-peptidase, clan MA(E), family M3 2.10 Proteolysis
   LmjF05.0960 Dipeptidyl-peptidase III, putative, metallo-peptidase, clan M-, family M49 2.08 Proteolysis
   LmjF14.1160 Enolase 2.05 Plasminogen binding [104], Invasion
   LmjF19.0160 Aminopeptidase, putative, metallo-peptidase, clan MG, family M24 2.04 Proteolysis
   LmjF21.1830 Proteasome alpha 5 subunit, putative 2.03 Proteolysis
   LmjF05.0350 Trypanothione reductase 1.99 Antioxidant
   LmjF21.0760 Proteasome regulatory non-ATP-ase subunit 5, putative,19S proteasome regulatory subunit 1.97 Proteolysis
   LmjF23.0270 Pteridine reductase 1 1.92 Antioxidant
   LmjF26.0810 Glutathione peroxidase-like protein, putative 1.89 Antioxidant
   LmjF27.0190 Proteasome alpha 7 subunit, putative 1.89 Proteolysis
   LmjF26.2280 Nitrilase, putative 1.86 Carbon-nitrogen hydrolase
   LmjF26.1240 Heat shock protein 70-related protein 1.86 Protein stability
   LmjF31.1890 Peptidase m20/m25/m40 family-like protein 1.85 Proteolysis
   LmjF06.0140 Proteasome beta 6 subunit, putative,20S proteasome beta 6 subunit, putative 1.85 Proteolysis
   LmjF29.0120 Proteasome regulatory non-ATPase subunit, putative 1.81 Proteolysis
   LmjF34.0650 Proteasome regulatory non-ATP-ase subunit 11, putative,19S proteasome regulatory subunit, metallo-peptidase, Clan MP, Family M67 1.79 Proteolysis
   LmjF35.0750 Proteasome activator protein pa26, putative 1.78 Proteolysis
   LmjF35.2350 Aminopeptidase P, putative, metallo-peptidase, clan MG, family M24 1.77 Proteolysis
   LmjF02.0370 Proteasome regulatory non-ATPase subunit 6, putative 1.77 Proteolysis
   LmjF36.3210 14-3-3 protein-like protein 1.74 Anti-apoptotic
   LmjF21.1700 Proteasome alpha 2 subunit, putative 1.66 Proteolysis
   LmjF36.1600 Proteasome alpha 1 subunit, putative 1.64 Proteolysis
   LmjF35.4850 Proteasome alpha 1 subunit, putative 1.60 Proteolysis
Proteins involved in vesicular transport processes
   LmjF35.2420 Phosphoinositide-binding protein, putative (sorting nexin 4) 3.51 Transport of proteins and other substances
   LmjF27.0760 Small GTP-binding protein Rab1, putative 2.27 Endosomes/Golgi trafficking
   LmjF32.1730 Coatomer epsilon subunit, putative 2.09 Intracellular protein transport
   LmjF36.1630 Clathrin heavy chain, putative 1.98 Endocytosis, trans-Golgi to lysosome trafficking
   LmjF18.0700 Hypothetical protein, conserved 1.85 HEAT repeat, intracellular protein transport
   LmjF31.2790 ADP-ribosylation factor, putative 1.67 Intracellular protein transport
  1. aThe Mascot algorithm {2008 609/id} was used to identify the protein names and the GeneDB accession numbers [29]. bMean of normalized, log normal (Ln) transformed conditioned medium (Cm)/cell associated (CA) peptide ratios for at least three of four experiments. cPutative functions and locations are derived from the GeneDB database {2007 238/id} unless otherwise noted. dProtein sequence contains an amino-terminal secretion signal peptide according to SignalP.