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Table 1 Gel-loading regimen

From: Quantitative protein expression profiling reveals extensive post-transcriptional regulation and post-translational modifications in schizont-stage malaria parasites

Gel TP1 TP2 TP3 TP4 Pool
gel1 Cy3 Cy5    Cy2
gel2 Cy5    Cy3 Cy2
gel3 Cy3   Cy5   Cy2
gel4 Cy5   Cy3   Cy2
gel5   Cy3 Cy5   Cy2
gel6   Cy3   Cy5 Cy2
gel7   Cy5   Cy3 Cy2
gel8    Cy3 Cy5 Cy2
  1. Each two-dimensional gel was loaded with 50 μg of a Cy3-labeled time point (TP) sample, 50 μg of a different Cy5-labeled TP sample, and 50 μg of the Cy2-labeled internal standard (protein reference pool).