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Table 4 RefSeq genes flanking the ENCs

From: Evolutionary-new centromeres preferentially emerge within gene deserts

ENC Interval (Mb) Left gene Position in HSA (hg17) or MMU (rheMac2) Right gene Position in HSA (hg17) or MMU (rheMac2)
LLA7 (HSA8) 0.534 ASPH Chr8:62,699,652-62,789,681 FAM77D Chr8:63,324,055-64,074,765
MMU2 (HSA3) 3.607 C3orf57 Chr3:162,545,283-162,572,573 SI Chr3:166,179,388-166,278,984
MMU4 (HSA6) 0.772 UTRN Chr6:144,654,566-145,215,861 EPM2A Chr6:145,988,141-146,098,684
MMU13 (HSA2p) 0.097 RNF103 Chr2:86,742,174-86,762,636 RMD5A Chr2:86,859,351-86,914,090
MMU14 (HSA11) 1.213 MMP26 Chr11:4,966,000-4,970,233 C11orf42 Chr11:6,183,374-6,188,935
MMU15 (HSA9) 0.423 PTGS1 Chr9:122,212,783-122,237,535 PDCL Chr9:122,660,178-122,670,394
MMU12 (HSA2q) 0.485 HNMT Chr2:138,555,540-138,607,665 LOC339745 Chr2:139,093,103-139,164,532
MMU17 (HSA13) 4.888 PCDH20 Chr13:60,881,822-60,887,282 PCDH9 Chr13:65,774,968-66,702,464
MMU18 (HSA18) 0.247 C18orf54 Chr18:50,139,169-50,162,379 C18orf26 Chr18:50,409,388-50,417,722
NLE14 (HSA11) 2.746 CHORDC1 Chr11:89,574,265-89,595,854 MTNR1B Chr11:92,342,437-92,355,596
PPY11 (HSA11) 0.203 DBX1 Chr11:20,134,336-20,138,446 HTATIP2 Chr11:20,341,924-20,361,904
HSA3 (MMU2) 0.641 EPHA3 in HSA (not annotated in Chr3:89,239,364-89,613,972 PROS1 (L31380 in MMU) Chr3:95,074,647-95,175,395
   MMU) (MMU2:13,335,593-13,694,578)   (Chr2:14,335,824-14,391,596)
HSA6 (MMU4) 0.897 PRIM2A in HAS (not annotated in Chr6:57,290,381-57,621,334 KHDRBS2 in HAS (not annotated in Chr6:62,447,824-63,054,091
   MMU) (2 dup in MMU: MMU) (3 dup in MMU:
    MMU4:56,935,673-57,245,600   Chr4:58,142,819-58,698,705
    MMU11:20,043,342-20,044,345)   Chr17:3,473,312-3,473,395
HSA11 (MMU14) 1.280 LRRC55 in HAS (not annotated in Chr11:56,705,797-56,714,154 PTPRJ in HAS (not annotated in MMU) Chr11:47,958,689-48,146,246
   MMU) (MMU14:16,226,175-16,234,557)   (Chr14:23,931,871-24,124,487)
  1. Position of the most proximal and distal genes with respect to each ENC seeding region, calculated in the reference genome (see text). The interval size, in Mb, between the two genes is reported in column 2.