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Table 1 Definition of the ENC seeding region in the reference genome

From: Evolutionary-new centromeres preferentially emerge within gene deserts

Chromosome ENC position Size (kb) p arm BAC Position in HSA (hg17) or MMU (rheMac2) q arm BAC Position in HSA (hg17) or MMU (rheMac2) AT content (%)
LLA7 (HSA8) Chr8:63,002,317-63,047,396 45 RP11-953L16 Chr8:62,816,386-63,002,317 RP11-159F22 Chr8:63,047,396-63,204,407 63.9
MMU2 (HSA3) Chr3:164,221,008-164,539,729 319 RP11-449O23 Chr3:164,054,860-164,221,008 RP11-418B12 Chr3:164,539,729-164,707,135 65.9
MMU4 (HSA6) Chr6:145,651,644-145,845,896 194 RP11-474A9 Chr6:145,651,644-145,845,896    63.2
MMU12 (HSA2q) Chr2:138,847,788-138,947,383 99 RP11-343I5 Chr2:138,777,146-138,947,383 RP11-846E22 Chr2:138,847,788-139,025,935 63.1
MMU13 (HSA2p) Chr2:86,680,785-86,885,407 204 RP11-722G17 Chr2:86,680,785-86,885,407    60.0
MMU14 (HSA11) Chr11:5,856,181-5,864,725 8 RP11-625D10 Chr11:5,667,339-5,864,725 RP11-661M13 Chr11:5,856,181-6,043,020 62.8
MMU15 (HSA9) Chr9:122,486,836-122,532,865 46 RP11-64P14 Chr9:122,344,545-122,532,865 RP11-1069J21 Chr9:122,486,836-122,680,563 62.4
MMU17 (HSA13) Chr13:61,178,154-62,520,878 1,343 RP11-543A19 Chr13:61,111,769-61,178,154 RP11-527N12 Chr13:62,520,878-62,699,203 66.2
MMU18 (HSA18) Chr18:50,313,129-50,360,135 47 RP11-61D1 Chr18:50,155,761-50,313,129 RP11-289E15 Chr18:50,360,135-50,526,341 gap
NLE15 (HSA11) Chr11:89,446,995-89,488,776 42 RP11-529A4 Chr11:89,286,313-89,446,995 RP11-1129K7 Chr11:89,488,776-89,644,713 63.8
PPY11 (HSA11) Chr11:20,180,424-20,332,556 152 RP11-56J22 Chr11:20,180,424-20,332,556    61.2
HSA3 (MMU2) Chr2:14,301,434-14,386,749 85 CH250-111O10 Chr2:14,301,466-14,396,994 CH250-4J18 Chr2:14,386,749-14,533,296 62.3
HSA6 (MMU4) Chr4: 57,710,481-57,863,274 153 CH250-20M17 Chr4: 57,710,481-57,863,274    66.1
HSA11 (MMU14) Chr14:17,109,970-17,281,610 171 CH250-111J7 Chr14:17,015,710-17,109,970 CH250-37N19 Chr14:17,281,610-17,299,898 63.4
  1. Seeding regions of the studied ENCs, defined by a splitting BAC (in bold) or by overlapping BACs mapping in opposite sides of the centromere (p arm/q arm). In the latter case the overlapping portion of the two BACs was assumed as the seeding point. In MMU17 (human 13), several contiguous human BACs gave split signals. The table lists the most external ones (in italics). The human genome was used as a reference genome for non-human primate ENCs. The macaque genome was used as a reference for the three human ENCs (see text).