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Table 2 Integrated toolsets

From: ArrayPlex: distributed, interactive and programmatic access to genome sequence, annotation, ontology, and analytical toolsets

Tool name Purpose Download Reference
AlignAce Sequence discovery Acquire [15]
Avid Sequence alignment Acquire [13]
BLAST Genomic sequence matching Bundle [17]
ClustalW Sequence alignment Bundle [16]
cluster Hierarchical clustering Acquire [18]
MDSCAN Sequence discovery Bundle [20]
MEME Sequence discovery Bundle [19]
fastacmd Sequence retrieval Bundle [17]
rVista Sequence alignment Acquire [14]
  1. The toolsets integrated into the ArrayPlex server environment. The download code of 'Bundle' indicates that the ArrayPlex installation program is capable of downloading the source-code and building the tool during the installation process with no further interaction needed. Alternatively, a code of 'Acquire' indicates that a license agreement is required for download and, thus, the installer of the ArrayPlex server must manually download a file and place it in the proper place on the ArrayPlex server. Documentation is provided for how to acquire and install all toolsets with this requirement.