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Table 2 Candidate genes selected for experimental validation

From: Rapid identification of PAX2/5/8 direct downstream targets in the otic vesicle by combinatorial use of bioinformatics tools

Gene Human EnsEMBL ID GXD ZFIN TM Matrix
Clones specifically expressed in otic vesicle and Pax2 responsive      
   Mtrnl ENSG00000176845    B
   ccdc102a ENSG00000135736    B
   sec31l ENSG00000138674    A
   cldn7 ENSG00000181885    A
   brn2 ENSG00000184486    A
Clones specifically expressed in otic vesicle      
   iba1 ENSG00000126878   B
   erlectin ENSG00000068912    A
   cldn4 ENSG00000189143    B
   Bmcp1 ENSG00000102078    A
Clones ubiquitously expressed      
   lamp1 ENSG00000185896    A
Clones not expressed in otic vesicle      
   bhlhb5 ENSG00000180828    B
   mvp ENSG00000013364   A
   slim1 ENSG00000022267    B
   eps15l1 ENSG00000127527    A