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Table 4 Summary of BAC HDR filter hybridizations with EST probes

From: A BAC-based integrated linkage map of the silkworm Bombyx mori

Number of probes detected Number of single copy genes Number of 2-copy genes > 3 copy genes Repetitive sequences
1,960 692 (35.3%) 585 (29.8%) 211 (10.8%) 469 (23.9%)
  1. We used two high-density replica (HDR) filters containing a total of 36,864 independent bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones for hybridization experiments (13× genome coverage). We did not include the expressed sequence tag (EST) if one of the two filters gave poor results because of smearing or high background, or if the two filters gave imbalanced numbers of positive signals (for instance, the ratio of positive signals between two filters exceeded 5). Cut-off values used to define gene copy number were as follows: single copy gene, 2 to 15 positive signals; two copy gene, 16 to 29 positive signals; > 3 copy gene, > 30 positive signals; and repetitive sequence, > 50 copies. We mapped 523 single copy genes represented by these hybridized ESTs via single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers.