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Table 5 Selected annotations for the conserved transcriptomic signatures identified for the cell types studied

From: Novel insights into the relationships between dendritic cell subsets in human and mouse revealed by genome-wide expression profiling

Cell type* Annotation Genes
Myeloid cells Defense response/response to pest, pathogen or parasite/inflammatory response C5ar1, Sod2, Fcgr3, Tlr2, Ccr1, Ifrd1, Csf3r, Clec7a, Bst1, Ifit1, Clec4e, Tlr4, Clec4d, Cd14, Cebpb, Hp
  Response to bacteria or fungi/pattern recognition receptor activity/C-type lectin SLC11A1, TLR2, TLR4, CLEC7A, Clec4e, Clec4d
  H_tollpathway: Toll-like receptor pathway CD14, TLR2, TLR4
  Regulation of cytokine biosynthesis/positive regulation of TNF-α or IL-6 biosynthesis Fcgr3, Tlr2, Tlr4, Cebpb, Clec7a
  Macrophage activation/mast cell activation/neutrophil chemotaxis CD93, TLR4, Fcgr3, Csf3r
cDC Nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism NAV1, BTBD4, CIITA, SNFT
  Molecular function unknown Btbd4, Avpi1, Arhgap22
pDC Transcription cofactor activity Maged1, Bcl11a, Tcf4
  Integral to membrane TLR7, EPHA2, TMEPAI, SCARB2, ATP13A2, ALG2, CYBASC3, TM7SF2, GPM6B, PTPRS
  Cellular component unknown Maged1, Sh3bgr, Cybasc3, Alg2, Plac8
B cells MMU04662: B cell receptor signaling pathway/B cell activation Cr2, Cd79a, Cd79b, Cd72, Cd19, Blr1, Ms4a1
  MMU04640: hematopoietic cell lineage Cr2, Fcer2a, Ms4a1, Cd19
  Defense response/response to pest, pathogen or parasite/humoral immune response PAX5, POU2F2, CR2, MS4A1, CD72, CD19, POU2AF1, BLR1, CD79A, CD79B, FCER2
NK cells MMU04650: natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity/apotosis Klrd1, Ifng, Ncr1, Fasl, Prf1, Prf1, Plekhf1
  Defense response IL18RAP, CTSW, IFNG, FASLG, CD160, NCR1, PRF1, KLRD1, CST7
Pan-T cells HSA04660: T cell receptor signaling pathway/immunological synapse CD3E, ICOS, PLCG1, LAT, CD3G, Trat1
  Defense response/immune response Cd5, Icos, Cd3e, Ubash3a, Lat, Trat1, Cd3g
  HSA04640: hematopoietic cell lineage CD3E, CD3G, CD5
CD8 T cells No annotations -
CD4 T cells Defense response/immune response Cd28, Icos, Cd5, Ctla4, Trat1
  M_ctla4pathway: the co-stimulatory signal during T-cell activation Cd28, Icos, Ctla4
Lymphocytes Immune response BCL2, LAX1, ETS1
Myeloid, B, DC Antigen presentation, exogenous antigen via MHC class II H2-Eb1, H2-DMb2, H2-DMb1, Cd74
  HSA04612: antigen processing and presentation HLA-DRB1, CIITA, CD74, HLA-DMB
  Defense response/immune response H2-Eb1, H2-DMb2, H2-DMb1, Bcl11a, Cd74
Non-DC Phosphoric ester hydrolase activity LCK, PDE3B
  1. *The annotations recovered are written in boldface when they correspond to known specificities of the cell subset studied and are thus confirmatory of the type of analysis performed.