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Figure 11

From: Adipose tissue transcriptomic signature highlights the pathological relevance of extracellular matrix in human obesity

Figure 11

Presence of macrophages, T lymphocytes and NK cells in the subcutaneous WAT of morbidly obese subjects. (a-d) Immunohistochemistry on paraffin-embedded adipose tissue and nuclei staining with haematoxylin (blue) shows CD3 positive cells between adipocytes (f) and in vessel walls (b), as well as NK cells (anti NKp46) (c,d). (e-g) Electron microscopy of adipose tissue shows macrophages ('m') with cytoplasmic expansions (arrows) in stromal areas between adipocytes ('a') and sometimes close to lymphocytes ('L'). (a,b) Representative images of ten independent slides taken from ten obese or ten lean patients; (c,d) representative images of five slides taken from five patients.

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