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Table 3 Candidates based on systemic RNAi genes found in C. elegans

From: Exploring systemic RNA interference in insects: a genome-wide survey for RNAi genes in Tribolium

Gene name Ce gene ID Tc gene ID Biological function Reference
Sid-1 CO4F5.1 11760 Systemic RNAi (somatic cells) [53]
Rsd-2 F52G2.2   Systemic RNAi (germ cells) [54]
Rsd-3 C34E11.1 12168 Systemic RNAi (germ cells) [54]
Epn-1* T04C10.2 05393 Endocytic protein (EPsiN)  
Rsd-6 F16D3.2   Systemic RNAi (germ cells) [54]
  1. * Related to Rsd-3. Ce: Caenorhabditis elegans. Tc: Tribolium castaneum.