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Table 1 Incidence of sil genes and systemic RNAi in insects

From: Exploring systemic RNA interference in insects: a genome-wide survey for RNAi genes in Tribolium

   Systemic RNAi
Species sil gene number Larval/nymphal Adult Parental References
Drosophila melanogaster 0 ND* Some tissues Yes [35,36,44]
12 Drosophilids 0 ND ND ND  
Anopheles gambiae 0 ND Some tissues No [33,34]
Aedes aegypti 0 ND Some tissues ND [34,37]
Bombyx mori 3 Limited success§ ND ND [45-48]
Apis mellifera 1 Some tissues Some tissues ND [32,38]
Nasonia vitripennis 1 ND ND Yes [41]
Tribolium castaneum 3 Yes Some tissues Yes [27,40]
Schistocerca americana ≥ 1 Some tissues ND ND [28]
  1. *Yes in hemocyte (SCM and YT, unpublished results). RNAi has been successfully performed in some tissues (but not in other tissues). Ovary can take up dsRNA, but parental RNAi has been unsuccessful (MGorman, personal comunication). §ST, unpublished data, R Futahashi and T Kusakabe, personal communications. All tissues are suceptible (SCM and YT, unpublished results). ND, not determined.