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Table 3 Typical results from DetectiV

From: DetectiV: visualization, normalization and significance testing for pathogen-detection microarray data

GSM40806 GSM40810 GSM40820
Virus p value Mean Virus p value Mean Virus p value Mean
Human papillomavirus type 18 4.1E-10 6.8 Human rhinovirus sp. 9.9E-12 4.1 Human herpesvirus 5 5.3E-16 0.57
Human endogenous retrovirus K115 0.000016 4 Human rhinovirus A 2.3E-09 4.1 Respiratory syncytial virus 1.1E-09 4.26
Halovirus HF2 0.0017 2.1 Enterobacteria phage M13 2.2E-07 5.7 Human rhinovirus sp. 5.9E-08 0.75
Human papillomavirus type 45 0.002 3.3 Human rhinovirus 16 6.2E-07 3.5 Human rhinovirus B 1.4E-07 0.47
Subterranean clover stunt virus 0.0032 2.6 Human rhinovirus 1B 0.000001 3.5 Human rhinovirus A 6E-07 0.75
  1. Top five hits from three microarrays showing typical results from DetectiV. All have been sorted by p value. GSM40806 and GSM40810 have been filtered such that mean ≥ 1.